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Earnings Tracker
Accounting / Bookkeeping Software Tool - Overview

Overview of Earnings Tracker

Earnings Tracker is a FREE open source accounting and bookkeeping software application, written in PHP and MySQL, enabling contractors, sole traders and freelancers to keep track of their revenue and spending.

Primarily aimed at UK contractors, freelancers and sole traders, Earnings Tracker concentrates on the main business accounting and bookkeeping activities performed by many micro businesses.

Earnings Tracker enables monthly invoice, salary, income tax, national insurance (both employees and employers), pension contributions, bank interest, bank charges, office or desk rental, and other expense amounts to be entered, and automatically calculates the amount of VAT owed, the size of dividends that can be distributed to shareholders, and the amount of corporation (business) tax due. The user interface is easy to use, with all the functionality available from a single menu bar.

There are three ways you can obtain Earnings Tracker; you can:

All three versions contain the same version of Earnings Tracker, currently version 8.0.

(The charge for the USB version is to cover the cost of the USB Flash Drive, production costs, and package and postage. There is no actual charge for the software itself.)

What Earnings Tracker is not

Earnings tracker is not fully functional accounting or bookkeeping application. If you need to work with sales and purchase ledgers, for example, you should look for a different solution.


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Earnings Tracker spreadsheet showing sample data

Version 8.0

Version 8.0 of Earnings Tracker was released in February 2012.

Date ranges have been extended in the application up to and including financial year 2016-17. This means that you can confidentally use Earnings Tracker in the knowledge that the current version of the product can be used for many years to come.

Version 7.0

Version 7.0 of Earnings Tracker was released in June 2010.

Version 7.0 contains a few additions to the reporting functionality, now allowing (a) a list of invoices to be generated for a particular client, (b) a list of pension contributions to be generated, and (c) a list of rental payments to be generated.

The ability to 'log off' the application is now included. Finally, monthly pension payments have been added to the list of default data. Bear in mind this is an open source product so live customer service is not available. If you have any bug fixes or suggestions, we would still love to hear from you. Please contact us or leave a message with our telephone answering service (if available).

If Earnings Tracker is not exactly what you are looking for, why not try MyBookkeepingManager.

Like Earnings Tracker, MyBookkeepingManager is a bookkeeping application specifically aimed at UK-based contractors, freelancers, and other very small (micro) businesses, typically those having one or two employees.

MyBookkeepingManager concentrates on the main bookkeeping activities performed by many such businesses, providing a simple, easy-to-use, software application.

The software can be either used online, or it can be downloaded and installed on a web server of your choice. For more information, go to the MyBookkeepingManager website.

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